What Do I Do?

I create and publish websites and information, for myself and my clients. I also publish books (print & digital), video and audio products. If you need a website, 1 to 1 training, promotional book, book covers, social media banners, marketing or promotional videos etc.

I’ll Raise Your Profile

Most professionals don’t have the time, knowledge or ability to present a consistent image for their personal or business profiles, or even where they should be doing so. I can help enhance and raise your overall profile, ensuring you will be found online easily!

I’ll Help You Take Control!

Everyone needs to take responsibility for their own future, you can’t depend on employers, pensions, and least of all – those who run the country. It’s YOUR responsibility – let me help raise your online profile now. Make sure you’re the one that gets the call!

If My Clients Are Happy – Then So Am I!

Jim MontgomeryLike any other service provider, I like to believe what I do is worthwhile, and that I leave my clients happy with the end results.
The reality is… there usually isn’t ‘an end result’. I’ve found that when you look after a client the way I do, the job is never done, there’s always another project they want me to work on…. whether it’s another website, book project, 1-to-1 training, marketing or promotional materials. I’ll work with you until you’re satisfied, in terms of both the time and the money you’ve invested in working with me.
Whilst I’m very busy working on my own projects, I like to work with a few selected clients when I can fit them in. If you do manage to hire me – I’ll ensure you get incredible value! However – I discovered a long time ago that you can’t work well with everyone, so if I choose not to work with you, don’t take it personally.

What Clients Say About My Services…

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